1. Fat Loss 101 ‘A Technology That Works’

    In the first article in the Fat Loss 101 series we discussed the number one priority when it comes to fat loss; committing to make better choices. The second thing you need to have is a technology that works.  The phrase “a technology that works” simply refers to the right knowledge.  Here i…Read More

  2. IST Training v1

    This program is designed to focus on both stability and strength.  Perform the exercises list below 3 times per week. For example: Monday-Wednesday-Friday.  Perform Cardio activity for 20-30 minutes 3 times per week.  The cardio activity can be performed on separate days or following the worko…Read More

  3. Fat Loss 101 Believe That You Can

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntEYjZVRNEg In the third part of the fat loss series I want to address the importance of believing in you.  When you watch infomercials and see before and after pictures there is a disclaimer at the bottom that states ‘results may vary’ or ‘results not typical…Read More

  4. Dynamic Warm Up

    If you are tired of the traditional warm up routines then take a shot at a Dynamic Warm Up.  The concept behind doing a Dynamic Warm Up is to engage as many muscles as possible and get the blood flowing to all areas of the body.  Complete a Dynamic Warm Up and cut your warm up time by 50%. Here is…Read More

  5. Do Supermarkets Promote Bad Choices?

    Read this recent post by Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D. Study: Do Suppermarkets Promote What's Good for You? Advertisements sell and -- as much as we hate to admit it -- food ads do shape the way we eat. That's why in 2010 about $7 billion was spent on food ads in the U.S. Much has been said about the u…Read More

  6. How to Journal for Fat Loss Success

    Failing to journal leads to failure.  When it comes to fat loss; being accountable is the best determining factor of success.  If you looking to lose fat you need to be honest about the types and amounts of foods you are consuming.  Journaling has proven time and time again to be the best meth…Read More

  7. 6 Great Tips for Fat Loss

    Exercise alone will not lead to fat loss.  Exercise must be accompanied by sound nutrition.  The success of any fat loss program is dependent not on the number of workouts you get per week, but the quality of food you eat.  Support your fat loss efforts by incorporation the follow 6 Great Tips…Read More

  8. Professor Educates Public on Energy Drink Dangers

    Like any mom, Dr. Kim Kato is concerned about her children’s nutrition. So when the licensed athletic trainer and professor of health and exercise science at MidAmerica Nazarene University, discovered the dangers of energy drinks, she made it her mission to educate teachers, parents, and athleti…Read More

  9. Motivation For Fat Loss

    Finding the motivation to lose fat should be easy.  Nearly 2/3 of Americans are considered overweight or obese.  The side effects of carrying extra fat have been well documented: side effects such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.  Let us not forget about the psycho…Read More

  10. Is Resistance Training Important?

    By now you know that aerobic exercise burns fat, but doing to much aerobice activity breaks down amino acids and that those amion acids are coming from muscle tissue, which can cause the loss of muscle! There is another term we need to become familiar with and that is anaerobic exercise.  Anaerobi…Read More