1. Successful Cardio

    Did you know that doing aerobic exercise is making people fatter? If you have ever been a health club you’ve seen em’ people who run for hours on end or climb until you are pretty sure they should have made the top of the mountain by now. Yet day after day month after month, they are showing no …Read More

  2. The Truth about Fat, Sugar, and Food Labels

    Enough literature has been published teaching Americans about the nutritional havoc excessive dietary fat can play. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing has led to so much misinformation that while Americans attempt to eat in a manner that they perceive to be healthy, few rarely have a sense of t…Read More

  3. Monster Lawsuit Raises Caffeine Questions – ABC News

    By SYDNEY LUPKIN (@slupkin) Oct. 24, 2012 A wrongful death lawsuit against Monster Beverage Corp., and the release of Food and Drug Administration incident reports indicating that Monster Energy drinks might have been responsible for five deaths since 2009, have brought questions about death by …Read More

  4. Energy Drinks Good or Bad?

    The energy drink industry is booming.  The demand for these products is driven by superior marketing efforts focused on students and professionals that require sustained alertness.  Certainly the key to any marketing campaign is to highlight the benefits of the product.  Caffeine is the main play…Read More

  5. Breakfast In A Pinch

    A common trait among those who are successful losing fat is eating breakfast.  Yes, I have heard the excuses; I don’t have time, it makes me feel yucky, I’m not hungry in the morning. Those are simply excuses. Breakfast is important and an absolute must for anyone seeking to lose fat.  Break…Read More

  6. A Lunch fit for Fat Loss

    Eating any meal on the go is a challenge.  There are a lot of ways to help accomplish this task and for our purposes today I am going to share an easy lunch time meal that can be prepared at the office. I must admit a little prep time is needed so here is what you need to have ready to before you …Read More

  7. Change your Focus from Weight Loss to Fat Loss

    It seems like everyone want to lose weight when the goal should be fat loss.  Losing fat isn't complicated.  All it takes is a commitment to make better choices, a technology that works, and a belief that you can do it. Learn the basic of fat loss with fitness professional Darrell Morris. Join Dar…Read More

  8. Hurt or Injured, which one are you?

    As an athlete this was a question I often heard during practice and on the playing field from coaches and fellow athletes.  Are you hurt or are you injured?  The difference was a simple explanation: if you where hurt you could still play, if you were injured you could not. For a practical example …Read More