1. Gluten or No Gluten

    In the past few months gluten has been under attack.  The movement to go gluten free has been in the forefront for a variety of reason.  The two biggest reasons that come to mind are because health related problems associated with gluten consumption and the new FDA regulations standardizing the am…Read More

  2. Sugar, is it the enemy it is portrayed to be?

    Sugar is labeled as the notorious villain to the fight on overweight, obesity, diabetes and cavities. But is sugar getting a bad wrap?  If you browse through the internet you can find a host of information stating the harmful effects sugar has on the human body.  The typical amount of sugar the av…Read More

  3. Trainer makes bad choice at Applebee’s

    First I'd like to start out and say I am human.  Yes, I am a personal trainer and for the vast majority of the time I eat healthy.  But there are times I like to give in to temptation. Occasionally I like to eat a B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato).  So, last Friday I was out with the family at the …Read More

  4. Just Say, “No” to Food Pushers

    In our most recent newsletter https://DBJFitness.fitproconnect.com/Newsletter/12/4/2013 There were some strategies to help you avoid the "Food Pushers".  Food pushers are individuals who push up wanted food on.  They are the people who want you to try this or try that and for some reason or anothe…Read More

  5. No Excuses, Be Consistent!

    It is a cold and snowy today in Aurora, Colorado.  As I watch the wonders of winter I am reflecting back on the days when I would see the snow and feel the cold and decide not to head over to the gym to workout.  Like you I had my share of excuses such as: “I don’t want to brave the traffic…Read More

  6. Holiday Eating Pointers

    Maintaining a healthy weight during the holidays has proved to be quite the challenge for many over the years.  Those who have been successful in either maintaining or losing weight during the holidays don’t do so by accident. There is often a plan or if we must say it, a conscious effort to not …Read More

  7. Fitness Success Tips for 2014

    Can you believe 2013 has passed us by? Funny the older I get the fast the years pass by. That said, did you make good on your goals for 2013?  If not, what happened?  From my past experiences I have realized that when I failed to reach a goal it came down to only a few consistent points: 1)   …Read More

  8. Can I Change?

    This is a question that I believe we have all asked ourselves at one point or another in life.  The only difference is what we want to change.  The changes could involve: relationships, financial, career, business, weight, knowledge or even hair color.  Some changes are easier to make.  We all h…Read More

  9. Procrastination

    Procrastination is something that we are all guilty of. It is something that more than likely has followed from youth to adult hood.  From personal to work lives.  No one is free from the epidemic of procrastination. Procrastination is defined as: to delay doing something until later, usually some…Read More

  10. Frustration

    Have you ever had one of those days when things just didn't go your way?  Perhaps you were trying to learn something new such as web design, social media, differential equations, healthy eating or a sport.  No matter what it is when you are frustrated it becomes that much more difficult.  How do …Read More