Success vs Failure

Is there a hidden secret that separates the two?

I believe everyone is striving to be successful.  We all have our reasons or purposes.  You more than likely have read several books, blogs, social media pages, joined network or support groups, and listened to any number of gurus. I know I have.  Everyone seems to have a system in place or ideas that work… for most people.  There are thousands of testimonials.

The information presented covers an array of information and can be adapted to fit any industry and or position held. In general, it all starts with you.  How can you be better? What are your goals?  How to go from thinking about something and act? What is your, Why? What motivates you?  Get the picture.

The holidays are coming and the rush to set up New Year’s resolutions will be quickly upon us and as it relates to the fitness industry many of you will be looking to lose weight, become healthier or eat better next year. In this moment you will seek out the newest fitness craze or fad diet, seek out self-help information.  In effect you will have a plan and motivation.   How long will you stick to your plan?  When will your motivation run out of steam?   For many the answer to both questions is anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks.  So, why does our plan fail? Why do we lose our motivation?  It comes down to the mundane, the boring moments.

Let me paint a picture

John has a desire to lose 50 pounds.  John uses the S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time sensitive) goal principle. He creates a plan.  He is going to get up each morning and workout 30 minutes of resistance training followed by 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week.  Nutritionally John is going to start out by trying to include one serving of vegetables with each meal.  Seems simple and straight forward.  The first couple of days there is excitement.  A willingness to role out of bed and hit the gym.  First week John makes each and every work out, he does well adding a serving of vegetables to each meal.   However, at the end of the week John doesn’t see the dramatic results he was anticipating.  John realizes that there is no quick fix, but the frustration mounts. The next Monday rolls around and he struggles to get out of bed.   He feels less motivated.  The excitement has faded.  The time in the gym doesn’t seem to be as fun, he’s bored.   Self-doubt begins to creep in.  John begins to think perhaps I am just not meant to be healthier, I just can’t lose the weight.

It is in this moment that we can see the difference between success and failure.  It is making the choice during the mundane or boring moments to adhere to the plan.  Success isn’t reserved for the highly motivated, most talented, or the smartest.   It can be earned by the person who will deal with the mundane and the boring moments.  The person who will stay consistent through the mundane and boring moments.

Trust me not every fitness professional is as enthusiastic for each workout that is portrayed on informercials, websites, or social media.  We are human.  We fall victim to the same reasons or excuses you do.  Sometimes we don’t want to eat our vegetables, meal plan, workout, or wake up.  Life seems to consistently present obstacles for everyone… you are not alone.   The difference, will you be consistent through the mundane and boring moments?