It’s no secret that everyone would like to be in better shape. Just performing some late night channel surfing, or flipping through the ads of a magazine, will reveal countless headlines or promotional videos selling “get fit quick” schemes or diets. While it would be incredible to lose weight and build muscle in a matter of days, it’s simply impossible to do so. If it were fast and easy to get into shape, everyone would do it. But there is a huge step to take in-between your decision to focus on reaching your fitness goals and actually following through.

It’s great if you’ve decided to get fit, but now you have to work for it. Many people quit within the first few weeks of eating right and working out, just watch how the crowds dwindle at the gym shortly after New Years to get an idea. It takes time, dedication, and most importantly motivation to see results. As your mobile personal trainer in Denver, I promise to give you encouragement during and between our sessions, but I understand that it might take an extra push to keep you committed. In this blog, I’ll be giving you a few pieces of advice to keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

Set Realistic Goals

When beginning to work out and eat well, it can be really easy to dream big. While giving yourself goals is important to your motivation and drive, it can be discouraging if you imagined getting a six-pack and after a week it still isn’t there. As stated above, results take time! After one workout and a healthy dinner, don’t expect to wake up lean and sculpted. You will be disappointed.

Instead, set small, achievable goals such as losing a certain percentage of body weight, or being able to run a certain distance. Instead of being let down that you’re not at bodybuilder status, reaching your realistic goals week after week will keep you going. And eventually, those big dreams might not be so far out of reach.

Keep Your Workout Clothes Out

It might seem simple, but leaving yourself some subtle motivators around the house can give you that extra bit of incentive to work out. Basically, trick your brain. Lay out your workout clothes and shoes somewhere in your home that you constantly walk by. Let them silently judge you until you can’t take it anymore. The same thing goes for your nutrition. Have a bowl of fruit or vegetables on the kitchen table to encourage you to eat healthy when your stomach starts rumbling. You’ll be surprised with the effectiveness of this method. Afterall, a big part of reaching your goals is mental.

Reward Yourself

Getting in shape does not require you to torture yourself. You shouldn’t be miserable while trying to better yourself. Be sure to reward yourself along the way for your hard work. Just got done with an intensive workout? Treat yourself to a bite of your favorite snack. If food doesn’t do it for you, buy yourself little gifts after reaching certain goals. Your hard work deserves compensation.

Get in Shape with a Friend

It can be hard to stay motivated when you don’t have the support of another. As your mobile and/or online fitness trainer, I’m here to keep you going, but it can be very beneficial to have a friend or loved one at your side, striving for the same goal. Not only will you keep each other accountable, but workouts will begin to feel less like a chore and more like quality time spent with a friend (and a good amount of sweat). You’ll be able to push one another, and even challenge each other with goals. Overall, having someone beside you on your journey to get into shape is one of the best and most reliable techniques to keep you motivated.

Keep Unhealthy Snacks Away

Don’t let your temptations take over! A balanced diet is just as important as routine exercise when it comes to getting in shape. It won’t be easy to maintain your nutrition if there are cookies and potato chips calling you from the pantry. It’s best to just rid your kitchen of any foods that you know aren’t good for you, or else a midnight snack might be near impossible to resist. Don’t worry though, I’ll be able to guide you through your diet! When I provide you nutrition coaching, I’m not going to have you eating tasteless food. We will create a customized diet tailored to the foods you already enjoy, but with a healthier approach.

Prep Your Meals

One of the most difficult parts about staying with your diet is the convenience and affordability of unhealthy fast food restaurants seemingly around every corner you take. With life being so hectic, and your schedule so busy, sometimes grabbing a quick bite just seems like the right thing to do. To prevent this, prep healthy meals for every day of the week! Having tasty, healthy food ready and waiting for when your hungry will significantly cut down your temptation to grab a greasy burger.

Stick With It

The best motivator of all is results. Of course, it takes time to see visible improvements, but once you look in the mirror and see your body looking leaner and healthier, you won’t be able to wait until our next session. This is why so many people are committed to their workouts and overall health because once you look and feel healthier, you can’t imagine living any other way. If you’re in need of nutritional coaching, or a personal trainer in Denver, be sure to call today! I will come to you, whatever day and time of the week that works for you! Not in the Denver area? No worries! I also provide fitness and nutrition services online!