If you are located in Denver or surrounding areas, DBJ Fitness is proud to offer mobile services that will bring our personalized training solutions to you. You set the time and place, and we’ll be there! Our premier in-person training programs are convenient (especially for busy professionals or stay-at-home parents), provide accountability, and are tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you have a current gym membership, access to a home gym, or even no equipment at all, our extensive database of exercises can be adapted to work with any fitness set-up—our workouts know no limits! DBJ Fitness’ mobile training can also act as an excellent addition to your gym membership. We can show you how to use the equipment with proper form and technique, and we can develop a fully customized fitness plan for you to follow on your own time, if you so wish.

Benefits of hiring a mobile personal trainer include:

  • Convenience: Life can be chaotic and “set schedule” may be two words that are never paired up in your vocabulary. When you hire a mobile personal trainer, you are giving yourself the freedom to fit your workout into your own schedule. Perhaps on a Monday you can’t fit a workout in until 5 pm, but every other day you want to plan your workout at 7 am—with a mobile personal trainer at your disposal, your wonky schedule is no problem! Never again will you miss a workout because you can’t find the time!
  • Privacy: For some, going to the gym can be an intimidating experience. Whether you aren’t familiar with how to use the equipment or you have a significant amount of weight to lose and don’t feel comfortable at a gym, a mobile trainer can work with you in any venue. You can choose to workout wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you.
  • Personalization: Pairing up with a mobile personal trainer ensures you are receiving the proper personalized instruction that you deserve. If you are recovering from an injury, a mobile trainer can come up with a customized workout plan to help you recover more quickly. You will also receive the full, undivided attention of your trainer because they will be working with you and only you during your training session.

With world class fitness programming custom-tailored to fit your individual fitness goals, DBJ Fitness can help you feel better, manage your joint pain, and empower you to live a healthier, more active life. We specialize in weight loss, injury prevention, pain management, and improved sport performance and have helped countless clients take control of their lives.

Ready to get started on your own fitness journey? Contact us today! We look forward to working(out) with you soon!