Reaching your personal fitness goals
is a hard and intimidating task to take on alone. Whether it’s dedicating time in your schedule, deciding on a specific exercise regimen, or even just finding the motivation to get out of bed and to the gym, there is a reason so many people struggle to stay on track. Here at DBJ Fitness, we want to guide you through the process. Together, we will strategize a personalized training plan designed specifically for you, to guarantee that you reach your goals.

We understand that group classes can be intimidating. Many avoid the gym because they’re afraid of being judged, or they are embarrassed of their bodies. Also, not getting the individual focus they require to achieve their target can be frustrating and hinder progress. Our personal training is dedicated to you, and you alone. No matter where you stand with your fitness, we will work with you to achieve the health you desire. Don’t know how to use a specific piece of equipment, or proper technique? We will teach you. Improper technique can cause serious injury, and delay your dream of a healthy body. Let us be your coach to a healthier you.

DBJ Fitness does not stop at exercise. Nutrition is key and often overlooked when one wishes to lose weight, and even more important, keep it off. It’s very common for people to struggle staying consistent with their new diets. Also, it is very hard to find the right diet for your specific body type and goals without having prior knowledge about nutrition. When hiring a DBJ Fitness Nutrition Coach, you’re hiring an expert that is going to individualize your diet the way you like it. The goal is not to have you lose weight and then call it good, we will teach you nutritional strategies that you can continue to use throughout your life. However, this does not require you to completely change the way you eat. Our strategy involves modifying your current habits, and making them better.

Life can be hectic, we get it, it can be difficult to schedule time for the gym when you have no idea what your week looks like. At DBJ Fitness, we’re here for you whenever is convenient. That’s not to say that we’ll let you skip out when “you don’t feel like it”, for accountability is crucial when achieving a healthy lifestyle. It only means that we can come to you, wherever it may be, whenever it is convenient for your busy schedule.

At DBJ Fitness we specialize in weight loss, injury prevention, pain management, and improved sports performance through custom tailored training programs and nutritional strategies, when you sign up for our one on one training program, you’re signing up to change your life. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a little bit of weight, or a lot, whether you’re training for a marathon, or just need help with your achy joints. Contact us today to start the rest of your healthy life.

We’re dedicated to your health, are you?