1. The Truth about Fat, Sugar, and Food Labels

    Enough literature has been published teaching Americans about the nutritional havoc excessive dietary fat can play. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing has led to so much misinformation that while Americans attempt to eat in a manner that they perceive to be healthy, few rarely have a sense of t…Read More

  2. Sugar, is it the enemy it is portrayed to be?

    Sugar is labeled as the notorious villain to the fight on overweight, obesity, diabetes and cavities. But is sugar getting a bad wrap?  If you browse through the internet you can find a host of information stating the harmful effects sugar has on the human body.  The typical amount of sugar the av…Read More

  3. Fitness Success Tips for 2014

    Can you believe 2013 has passed us by? Funny the older I get the fast the years pass by. That said, did you make good on your goals for 2013?  If not, what happened?  From my past experiences I have realized that when I failed to reach a goal it came down to only a few consistent points: 1)   …Read More