This is a question that I believe we have all asked ourselves at one point or another in life.  The only difference is what we want to change.  The changes could involve: relationships, financial, career, business, weight, knowledge or even hair color.  Some changes are easier to make.  We all have different starting points.  However what we all have in common is a desire to change.

Funny or ironic as it maybe the changes we desire the most on the ones that aren’t so easy to change.  Losing weight isn’t an easy change.  Losing weight is a life changing experience.  Losing weight takes a consistent focus.  Losing weight takes heart.  Losing weight takes a willingness to revamp all aspects of ones life.

When one carries a few extra pounds there are tendencies to make an effort not to draw attention to ones self.  To choose activities that don’t put our physical body in a position to get attention, to be judged. When weight loss occurs one is still tied to old habits and often unprepared socially for the new found attention.  This new found attention can often times lead one into a tail spin.

The path to weight loss is often a journey to get to know ones self.  Face the demons of the past and personal growth.  We must be willing to accept and understand our past behaviors. We also must be willing to learn to love ourselves.

Many times our current actions are a coping mechanism to avoid having to deal with the fact of weight loss.  What is important to understand at this point is why we change.  Change occurs for two reasons: its an effort to avoid pain or to seek pleasure.   If you are trying to lose weight and are constantly finding excuses not to make better eating choices or exercise this could be construed as an effort to avoid the perceived pain of exercise or eating foods you are not particularly fond of.  Instead you turn to the pleasure of eating chocolate for instance.

This is why it is important to find your ‘WHY’.  The ‘WHY’ is an emotional connection to a specific reason for weight loss.  It is a reason that is more painful than doing what is required to lose the weight.  For instance: if your day at work was rough, say the boss yelled at you, you got a call from the school that you child did something boneheaded and then to top if off on the drive your car breaks down.  You may think to yourself, “man I think I’ll just skip my workout and order a pizza”.   Your reason and emotion connection need to be strong enough for you to think, say and then act upon.  You need to think of a means to keep on track nutritionally, tell yourself that you can find a way and then act upon, go get the workout in and eat healthy.

There is no magic to losing weight.  There is only a strong enough emotional reason attached to why you want to lose weight that will help drive you during your journey.  Making the right choices when it feels like the rest of the world is against you.   I believe that you can.  Can you change?