If you are tired of the traditional warm up routines then take a shot at a Dynamic Warm Up.  The concept behind doing a Dynamic Warm Up is to engage as many muscles as possible and get the blood flowing to all areas of the body.  Complete a Dynamic Warm Up and cut your warm up time by 50%.

Here is the routine:

  1. Standing Twist 10 per side
  2. Wood Chops 10 per side
  3. Extensions 10 reps
  4. Push Ups 10 reps

Choose a medicine ball that is approximately 5-10% of your body weight.  You can also use DB’s or resistance cords if a medicine ball is not available.

p.s. on the extensions you don’t want to arch the back.  In the video I am a bit soft spoken and all you hear is arch the back.  Remember don’t arch the back.