In today’s world it seems like everyone wants to lose weight when the goal should be fat loss.  Losing fat isn’t complicated it takes only a few things: a commitment to make better choices, a technology that works and a belief you can do it.  I will tackle each topic separately.  First topic: A commitment to making better choices.

A commitment to make better choices is priority number one.  Every choice you make will lead you down two paths.  One being the path your currently on. This is the path to unwanted weight and fat gain.  The other path will take you to a leaner, sexier, healthier and more attractive you.

Making better choices is not rocket science.  In fact when I question clients about what choices are better for them they choose the right answer 100% of the time.  For example:

  • What is healthier for you a; chocolate chip cookie or an orange?
  • What is healthier for you a; green pepper or a Kit Kat Bar?
  • What is healthier for you a; roast beef sandwich or a chicken wrap?
  • What is healthier for you a; Big Mac or a happy meal?

Remember the question is, “what is healthier for you?”  Not what do I like more.

It has been my experience; both as a person and personal trainer that our choices come down to this:  Do we give ourselves permission to fail or succeed?   For most it is failure.  How often do you give yourself permission to eat an item not on your diet?  I am insisting that you give yourself permission to be successful.  When faced with your next meal choice give yourself permission to make the healthier choice.

I have looked at hundreds of food journals. Do you realize most eat the same meals from week to week?  This means we are not looking to change 30 days worth of meals.  In fact most also eat the same thing for breakfast, snack(s) and lunch.  Dinner is typically the meal that varies most.  Given this scenario you only need to work on making better choices for 3-4 meals.

Commitment to better choices also extends to physical activity.  I will discuss working out in the next section.  For now I want to focus on staying physically activity.  Staying physically activity is a choice.  It is a choice that many fail to make.  I am no exception.  If I am at home and can’t think of any I want to do I can easily find myself lying on the couch and watching T.V.  Now, look I realize from time to time we are tired and we need to rest.  But if you find yourself resting more than you are staying active there is a problem.  Give yourself permission to get up and move.  Do the dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, play with the kids, take a walk, clean your car, make healthy meals, enjoy a hobby, learn something new, but by all means avoid just becoming a lump on the couch.  It never ceases to amaze me what we can accomplish when we give ourselves permission to be successful.

Making better choices in and of it self is a choice.  It is you giving yourself permission to be successful.  Step our of your comfort zone and make yourself proud of YOU.  Be excited about what each day has to offer.  Commit to making better choices today.

Next article I will discuss a technology that works.