Can you believe 2013 has passed us by?

Funny the older I get the fast the years pass by. That said, did you make good on your goals for 2013?  If not, what happened?  From my past experiences I have realized that when I failed to reach a goal it came down to only a few consistent points:

1)     I didn’t make the goal a high enough priority

2)     I failed to be consistent in my actions or choices

3)     I procrastinated

When it comes to improving your fitness level and changing your physic there are a few things that you must do:

1)     Make improving your fitness or changing you physic a top priority

2)     Be consistent in your actions and choices

3)     Don’t procrastinate

If you are willing to do the above three items then here is how you can change you physic for the better… lose the fat:

1)     Quit looking for the easy route.  There is no magic pill.  There is no short cut. There can be no excuses.

2)     Eat a high protein, high fiber diet filled with lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy fats and cut out all the added sugar from your diet.  Yes cut out all he ADDED SUGAR!

3)     Higher me as your trainer and work your butt off!!!   All kidding aside you need to get on a workout program that kicks your butt.

4)     Drink Water.  8-12 cups per day.

5)     Avoid liquid calories.  Sodas, juices and smoothies will add unwanted calories and sugar to your diet.  Limit you liquids to Green Tea, Greens, or protein shake (limit 1-2 per day).

6)     Stay motivated!!!

7)     Get social support and accountability

8)     Plan, shop and prepare your foods each week.

9)     Make a goal and set a deadline.