Have you ever had one of those days when things just didn’t go your way?  Perhaps you were trying to learn something new such as web design, social media, differential equations, healthy eating or a sport.  No matter what it is when you are frustrated it becomes that much more difficult.  How do you handle frustration?

For me I two ways to handle the frustrating moments in life.  First method I employ is to separate myself from the situation.   I find that if I can separate myself from the specific item causing me to frustrated I can get a different perspective and see the item for what it is and re-evaluate.  This gives me the chance to take control of the situation, establish a cool head and devise a strategy to make things less frustrating.  The second method I employ is to press the issue further in hopes of getting a break through or just make it fit.  The second method can be useful in some situation, but often time this method creates additional problems and usually leaves me more frustrated and having to apologize to other for my actions and/or fixing something that I broke.

I prefer to handle life’s frustrating moments by separating myself from the situation, gaining a fresh perspective, and creating a new approach.

Tell me how do you handle life’s frustrating moments?