Maintaining a healthy weight during the holidays has proved to be quite the challenge for many over the years.  Those who have been successful in either maintaining or losing weight during the holidays don’t do so by accident. There is often a plan or if we must say it, a conscious effort to not give up or give in.  This by no means implies you have to eliminate the savory treats of the holidays. It means that you need to practice moderation and consistency.

I like the treats of the holidays.  Truth be told I can eat my share of toffee and peppermint bark chocolate.  The key is to enjoy the treats in moderation.  But, I’m guessing you have already heard this before, right?  So, how do you put moderation into practice?  That starts with a plan.  Before starting any plan we need to determine faults.  Once the faults are determine a plan can be developed.

Here are some examples.

Fault #1 – “I over eat at holiday parties”

Plan #1– Eat healthy through out the day.  Don’t fall into the trap of eating less before the party in order to save calories.  Saving calories can work against us at the party and push us to over indulge at the party.  By eating healthy though out the course of the day you will be satiated and not feel the urge to over indulge.  This will allow you to make better choices at the party while still enjoying the goodies in moderation.

Fault #2 –“I just don’t have enough time to get in my workout”

Plan #2 -Consistency is a key component in any fitness program.  Staying committed during the holidays has to be a priority.  By staying committed you will continue to make progress, keep your metabolism cranked up and all you to enjoy the holiday’s guilt free.  However, feel free to mix up the routine.  Try interval style workouts.  Interval workouts will reduce your workout duration and help you maximize fat loss.  Email me for a sample routine, in the subject line write “Sample Interval Workout

Fault #3 – “The holidays are an emotional time for me”

Plan #3 – There are a variety of reasons why the holidays are such an emotional roller coaster for so many.  The loss of love ones, a break up, custody issues, and loneliness just to name a few.  I am not a counselor so I can’t prescribe anything specific but here is what I can say.  More than likely this emotional time is something you knew was coming; it is not something that just happened.  So take a moment and do your best to put yourself in the best position to be happy.  Take a moment and remember better times.  Take joy in helping someone else.  Do something that will put a smile on someone else’s face.

The key to success is to plan ahead and develop personal strategies that will help you overcome your personal challenges.  We all have them.  We all have our faults.  If you are struggling with a fault and would like some help feel free to comment below or email me personally @ .  Or share a fault and a success strategy that you have applied.