Procrastination is something that we are all guilty of. It is something that more than likely has followed from youth to adult hood.  From personal to work lives.  No one is free from the epidemic of procrastination.

Procrastination is defined as: to delay doing something until later, usually something that you do not want to do… some may define this as lazy.

However you choose to define it the bottom line is it means something isn’t getting done.

During a recent networking event a young lady named Eve spoke about ‘Procrastination Elimination’

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Eve uses what she referred to as the F.U.N. Method




Under the Focus portion one needs to clearly define what needs to be accomplished. This will help you to create a path to success.  Questions and statements to think about:

  • Where is your focus going?  Are you focused on making a healthy choice at lunch or on the complimentary bread brought to the table?
  • Be mindful of the lottery syndrome.  In this situation you approach things from the perspective if I win the lottery then I will do [fill in the blank].  The if this happens then I will do this approach is for dreamers.
  • Every step you get closer.  Yes, we have all heard that the journey of a 1,000 steps begins with one. So, why is it so difficult to get started? What ever it is that you want to accomplish create time each day to take a step.
  • Is your focus supportive or unsupportive?  In the past I have discussed the importance of having a belief that you can do it.  This question speaks right to the heart of that belief.  If you are trying to lose weight but your focus is unsupportive you are doomed to failure.  You must focus on the positive.  Focus on eating the healthy lunch not on the complimentary bread.

Understanding deals with finding a meaning as to why you are doing certain action good or bad.

  • What is holding you back?  Is it something self imposed?
  • What meaning are you placing on this?  This is pretty powerful.  Things, items, statements don’t have a strong influence on us until we give it a meaning, an emotional connection.
  • What do you believe about this task and your abilities?  Do you believe you can? Or do you believe you can’t?  Do you really believe you can lose the weight?  Do you believe that those who have been successful have some special divine  power that you do not poses?
  • Why is this important to accomplish?  Often times I speak of finding the ‘WHY’, this is the emotional connection needed to keep you focused during the tough times.
  • Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results
  • Do you have great reasons or great results?  I am guilty of this one, but I take it step further and do you have excuses or reasons.  An excuse would be, I’m tired. A reason would be I’m tired because I have the flu.

Last but not least Nurture

  • There an exercise called “If All I do is….”  In this game you want to set yourself up in a position to be successful.  Write down what you need to do each day to consider the day a success.  Ideally limit it to 5-6 things to start.  The write down, If all I do is…. Eat one veggie with lunch, drink water before each meal then today I will have be successful.  The last statement is important.  Read the sentence out loud.
  • Weight your options. Regret questions.  What are you options?  If I do this will it take me one step closer to my goal? If I do this will it take one step further away from my goal?
  • Take action- Are you fishing in the same lake?  Remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  If what you are doing now isn’t leading you to success you need to make a change.  If that doesn’t work, make another change.
  • Check on your emotional alignment.  What you think and how your feeling need to line up with the an action.  If you are out of alignment talk with a professional to get you in alignment so that you can maximize success.

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