It’s time for that all important reality check.  Losing weight or fat isn’t easy.  You must be present, you must participate and above all else you must be consistent.   I know what you’re thinking, my will power isn’t strong enough.  I got news for you will power only works is short spurts.

But what does work is not accepting excuses.  Notice I didn’t say not making excuses… I fear that is an impossible task for all of us. But instead you need to recognize when you are making an excuse and not accept it. You can’t just go on auto pilot and bag it in.  You need to use that moment to look back on your goal(s).  Choose the path that leads to accomplishing those goals, not the path that leads back to the same place you started. To that place where are ashamed of looking in the mirror, the place where you choose to hide your body, where you choose not to socialize because you’re ashamed of yourself.  The place where you do all that you can to avoid eating the unhealthy snacks, treats, etc lying around the office, but choose to take a covert mission to binge eat when no one is looking.  Certainly perfection isn’t the goal.  However, there is absolutely no reason why you should be ashamed.  Choose the path that leads to a healthier outlook on life, one that would allow you to wear the skinny jeans (this one is only for the ladies, guys if you are wearing the skinny jeans… STOP), choose the path that allows you to wake up in the morning feeling invigorated, refreshed and excited to be alive.

Stop buying into the fad diets… com’on you know better!  It’s simply you accepting an excuse.  This isn’t even a matter of looking or hoping for the next or latest gadget to come out that is going to help you achieve your goals.   It’s about being present in the moment focused on make better choices and choosing to live a healthier life.  The benefit to making healthier choices is a leaner, more toned physique, disease resistance/prevention or management that may just having your strutting your stuff behind closed doors and not sitting on the couch eating the bag of potato chips.

I’ve had those moment where you are lying on the couch on the weekends, the sun is shining and you think, I should get up and get something done (walk, work around the house/garage, run some errands, go for workout) but choose not to.  From time to time this can be a well-deserved break, but it cannot be the norm.

Losing fat isn’t about the new latest and greatest supplement to hit the market. It is about you making the choice to be present, to participate, and to be consistent in pursuing a healthier lifestyle.   It’s not going to happen overnight.  But it will happen.