First I’d like to start out and say I am human.  Yes, I am a personal trainer and for the vast majority of the time I eat healthy.  But there are times I like to give in to temptation. Occasionally I like to eat a B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato).  So, last Friday I was out with the family at the local Applebee’s and ordered the American BLT.  I exercised some restraint and ordered a house salad instead of the fries. When I got home curiosity got the best of me an I decided to look up the caloric content of the American BLT.  To my surprise it was a whopping 1460 calories!!!   I had to take a second and a third glance.

Look for yourself

I’m sure your thinking those calories included the fries.  Nope!!!  That was with out sides!

Because I like BLT’s from time to time I am pretty aware that average BLT calorie range is between 400-600 calories. This is with out condiments. So to see that the American BLT was a whopping 1460 calories was shocking.

So to help you from getting fooled in the future here is what I suggest:

  • Google the menu and nutritional information of restaurants your frequent most and look up the calories of your normal food suggestions.  Try something new if necessary and aim for an entree that is 600 calories or less.
  • Don’t be afraid to make modifications to your order.  Ask for no butter, hold the mayo, no fries, etc.  Get the picture?
  • Avoid getting lost in conversation while eating.  Enjoy the company are with, but don’t leave food on the plate in front of you while you converse.  Get a doggy bag and promptly remove the temptation. Then you can enjoy the company and avoid unwanted calories.

Next time I order from Applebee’s I will not be ordering the American BLT.  I think I’ll try the Chili Bowl and a side salad.